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b i o ;

Name: Credence Barebone
Canon: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them / Harry Potter
Scrubs Color: White

Visible Age: Anywhere between 18-20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Physique: Tall, incredibly slender. Almost to the point of waifish.
Complexion: Uneblievably pale, almost sallow. The unhealthy kind of pale.
Hygiene: Incredibly neat and immaculate. Clothes are never rumbled, etc.
Hair: Horrendous. No seriously, his hair cut is absolutely awful. He has the worst haircut known to mankind.
Eyes: Dark, dark brown, constantly looks like a kicked puppy.
Defining Marks: Multiple scars all across his hands--little knicks from a belt. He also has more of these all over his body, though nothing he can't cover up with a coat and long pants.
Accent/Speech: Super american with the barest hint of a New York accent. His voice is usually just above a whisper, so people usually strain to hear him. He's always, always polite. Always.
Bearing/Demeanor: constantly crowded into himself. Never looks up or into the eyes unless requested. Has an almost flighty, nervous aura. He makes himself as small as possible and is very very good at blending in with the crowd.
Gait: Small steps, fists curled at his side. Hunched over and unassuming. A really good example is here.
Habits: Not looking people in the eye, standing too still he looks like a goddamn scarecrow.
Skills: Spoilers An Obscurial from repressing his magic, Credence has an explosive, magical parasite living within him that causes wanton destruction. He turns into a giant cloud of somke and wrecks shit, including tossing cars at people and destroying entire buildings and subways. Obviously for this game it's heavily nerf'd, but he's still capable of wrecking a room if it's unleashed. Hopefully, it won't be, and he'll be sane.

Opt out post is here!